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" Mommy cries everyday, because He decides to stay out all-day.
She blames me, and curses my face, because He and I share the same gaze.
I miss when mommy would see me to sleep, now I'm lucky if I get to eat.
I miss when mommy and He were together in peace, she used to be so nice to me.
When trouble called to me, beckoning my name, even if I did no wrong, I still took the blame.
Why mommy? Why don't you call my name?
Why mommy? Why can't I say you gave birth to me...?
Did I make him leave? Was it my fault he didn't stay?
Because I remember him saying, 'it's not your fault son, I love you always'.
But, mommy you still shun me to this day, the day that the Man walked away.
I don't hate you, when you scar my skin, even though at the temples they say it's a sin.
And if this is so, then why do I reap for what I don't sow?
Why mommy? Can't you love me anymore...?"
I originally wrote this poem for an RP character- but I thought it to be touching and quiet melancholy.
Well here it is~

P.s.- The RP character is a teenager named Yasuhiro, and he wrote this when he was in Fifth grade- He's one of those stupid smart people- Sheldon from Big Bang is a close example~

I do not own the preview image- Credit goes to original creator.
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June 20, 2012
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